Every bag we build is assembled with a wide range of specialized tools we've acquired over the years. All leatherwork is hand-punched, fabric hand-cut, and hardware hand-set. Constructing our pieces this way gives us more control over the quality of the finished product. This ensures that everything we make is as tough as the tools that made it.



John Henry here is our resident workhorse. Every bag is worked through this machine at some point during the construction process. This machine can truck through our thickest materials without fuss and has proven to be our most relied on piece of equipment.

singer495 copy.jpg


We picked up two of these Singer 495's from a tech school retiring it's older machines back when we first started. This guys' an excellent straight-stitch machine we work a lot of our light-medium duty pieces through. 



We've recently picked up this vintage cast model 335 and are dialing it in to tackle some tricky steps in the finishing of our saddlebags. Very cool older cylinder arm we'll use for sewing binding, detailed leatherwork, and complex concentric shapes.



(named after the retired seamstress we got it from) has been a awesome addition to the studio. This lil' serger sews and fortifies raw edges of fabric, keeping them from unraveling over time. This process assures the longevity of the seam where the overlocked edge is sewn and is an integral part to making quality stuff.