Waxed Canvas

The majority of our products are constructed with Martexin waxed fabric, manufactured right here in the US. Long gone are the days of hand-waxing each of the bags we used to make (a time consuming process often resulting in an uneven finish) since we've made the switch to pre-finished fabrics. The Martexin process produces high quality finishes by impregnating a wax mixture into the thread before it is woven into canvas. When manufactured this way, it creates an extremely durable, stain and weather resistant material that patinas awesomely over time.


Wickett & Craig

Wickett & Craig have been in the vegetable tanning biz since 1867 and are renowned for their superior quality leathers. W&C's vegetable tanned leather is hard wearing, durable and ages beautifully over time. Every piece of leather is cut, tooled and finished with careful attention to detail here in our workshop.  



None of that plastic crap.

Quality hardware is the thing that marries form and function in any reliable product. We've tirelessly tested many different types of snaps, rivets, zippers, and buckles in order to find the hardware that'll withstand a lifetime of constant use and abuse. Most of the hardware bits we've sourced are made from corrosion resistant metals and are military-spec certified. This ensures functional reliability throughout the lifetime of the product and overall, is much more durable than fasteners made from plastic. 



The structural backbone in our saddlebags and tank bags. We use different types of rubbers to create a tough and waterproof barrier between the waxed canvas outer shell, giving our bags a unique, semi-rigid shape. Dry bag material, which is a thinner and more flexible fabric, is also used around seams and light duty areas for added weather-proofing.